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Cody Pallo

Cody Pallo

Sugar Vision is an Interactive Development Studio. The company was founded by Cody Pallo, a multidisciplinary designer & programmer with over two decades of experience. Cody has long had the dream of merging his love of art, design, and technology.

At his previous company Rubber Acorn he was the publisher, designer, and editor of Experimental Digital Publishing an interactive arts and culture publication once available in Apple's Newsstand app. The magazine was conceived as as a showcase for the most innovative works of indie digital publishing happening today. He is also the founder of Ringin' Jinkies a game art collective focused on mining the potential of novelty whizz-bang in multimedia ebooks, games, music, and video. More than anything, Cody is driven by the opportunity to use his technological and creative know-how to make a positive impact on the worlds of art and design.


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"Every authentic work of art is a gift offered to the future."

- Albert Camus